Dachshund loses part of her nose after ‘savage’ attack by two larger dogs

Pebbles was reportedly mauled by a husky and a German Shepherd breaking her jaw and leaving her needing a breathing tube and surgery

A dachshund has had her face ripped apart and lost part of her nose after a ‘savage’ attack by two larger dogs, heartbreaking photos of the pup reveal.

Pebbles was reportedly mauled by a husky and a German Shepherd breaking her jaw and leaving her needing a breathing tube, owner Stacey Morgan claims.

The seven-year-old dachshund was out on a walk with her dog brother Bam Bam, also a dachshund, with Stacey, 29, an accountant from Cape Town, South Africa, when she was attacked.

Stacey said: “I was out walking Pebbles and Bam Bam on the greenbelt near my parent’s house. They were both off lead as there were no dogs around. We walked past a house with a German Shepherd and a husky.

“These dogs had dug under the fence – the husky ducked under, grabbed Pebbles and pulled her through. I managed to get her back through the fence but the dogs had completely mauled her.

“It was terrifying and all happened so quickly. I screamed and yelled and stuck my arms through the fence and pulled her back.”

Since the horrific incident, little Pebbles has had three surgeries in order to reconstruct her nose so she could breathe better.

She has one more surgery in about six weeks to help heal her jaw and close off the sinuses.

Stacey, has so far spent £2,500 on Pebbles’s treatment that she has managed all by herself. Stacey claims the owners of the other two dogs haven’t taken responsibility for the attack.

She added: “The dogs basically ripped her face off. Her jaw was broken in multiple places and her nerves and blood supply to the jaw were completely severed.

“Pebbles had bite wounds across her back and a massive rip in her chest. Pebbles had to have emergency surgery to stabilise her.

“Pebbles spent a few nights at the 24-hour vet so she could be monitored and then we brought her home as we decided she might heal better at home where she feels safe.”

Pebbles will be undergoing a nose reconstructive surgery. She currently has two pipes inserted in the mutilated nose as the doctors are trying to create holes to help her breathe.

Stacey says she also need special food as most of her teeth have been pulled out and her tongue will always hang out.

She added: “Pebbles will never look the same again. But we hope she will be able to breathe through the nose holes we are trying to create.

“She is also missing part of her upper jaw which we are going to try and fix in one of her surgeries.”

The horrific incident has left Pebbles traumatised who is scared of big dogs and cries when she sees them on walks though she is still playful and loves playing with Bam Bam.

Stacey said: “She is still a very happy little girl and is so strong. She still plays with her brother and loves her humans. She is a happy little lady.”

Stacey has been documenting Pebble’s life after the harrowing incident on her Instagram account with an aim of educating people the need of training dogs and putting feral dogs on leash.

She added: “This is something that dog parents often ignore but can be fatal. I am very lucky they didn’t take her too far up into their garden. That could have been a disaster.

“On Instagram her following has grown and everyone is incredibly supportive.”